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New this season...

I've added more QRP parts and resistors to better meet your need.

By request, we are adding metal case 2N2222 and 2N3053 transistors.

Coming soon...we expect to offer PNP transistor switches for your transmitters.

_ Uncle Cy, The L.E.D. Guy

Keychain Flashlight SALE!

Powerful but so small, you hardly know they're on your keychain! These are not your gas station throw aways. Includes permanent on-switch. Comes apart with 4 phillips head screws to replace batteries...and Uncle Cy has the batteries. Choose White or red L.E.D.s.. My daughter asks for these all the time to give to her friends. Great gifts!

Keychain Flashlight

Button Batteries SALE!

Don't forget the batteries!


Super Flux 140o 15,000 mcd - 5 mm CLEARANCE!
Choose Color

PINK 10,000 mcd - 5mm CLEARANCE!

BLUE 6,000 mcd - 5mm SALE!

RED 6,000 mcd - 5 mm SALE!

RED 2,500 mcd diffused - 3mm SALE!

GREEN - bright diffused 3mm SALE!

Christmas Assorted - Red & Green, 5mm SALE!

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